Get to Know Me

If you love trees, being in nature, and  chocolate chip cookies, you’ll feel right at home here. Well maybe that last one was just me pushing my sweet tooth on you, okay I’ll admit it I don’t like eating chocolate chip cookies alone.

From these posts I hope you get an new perspective or an invitation to think about an idea you’ve haven’t previously thought about before. This blog is an exploration of thought and ideas. Just as this serves as a creative outlet for me, I hope you can say the same for yourself; think creatively!



I launched this blog in hopes of creating a community where I can share my passion for the environment. I feel a connection to the soil, the wind, the rocks, the trees. I can feel the magic of the universe by just simply gazing up at the moon. Nature is filled with an overwhelming beauty and it continues to help me discover more about myself every day. I hope you follow me on my journey!




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