Saving Chimpanzees

This post will shed light onto the fact as to why saving Chimpanzees can contribute to a solution to our environmental crisis.

Chimpanzees are in danger of extinction

Chimps are losing their home

  • Image result for deforestationDeforestation – permanent destruction of forests for uses such as agriculture, farming, settlements.
  • Image result for chimps hunted for bushmeatHunted for bush meat – While bushmeat has always been a popular source of dietary protein for local communities, the scale of hunting has increased dramatically, and the activity has become heavily commercialized with much of the meat now going to urban residents.

The human-caused factors that have led to our environmental crisis

  • The ever growing rate of extinction of chimpanzees in the wild is a cause of modernity.
  • What does it mean to live in a modern world? Modernity can be described as the rate at which a rapid change in science and technology is evolving. To live in a modern society is to assume that science has the answer to everything.
  • Industrialization occurred primarily in the West before moving to the East. Could it be that the West is responsible for rapid industrialization which has resulted in a depletion of natural habitats, led to the extinction of species, caused the globe to warm or should both the West and the East share the burden of a modern life which has lead to the pressing issue of an environmental crisis?
  • We live in a data driven, scientifically focused society – A society where there is a relentless economic exploitation of nature and the consumption of its resources.

Why Should we Care About Saving Chimpanzees?

If awareness of the preservation and ecological concern for chimpanzees is not raised, the human-caused factors such as deforestation that are leading to their decrease in population size will keep increasing and the burden of humanity killing its environment will become that much heavier.

Image result for chimpanzees

How does saving chimpanzees  contribute to the idea of a religious ecology? Different groups within different religions have differing ideologies of how they view their relationship between man and nature. Just like Pope Francis we can imagine a world in which all people, of varying religious groups shared the same ideology, one in which man didn’t exert dominance over nature but instead showed stewardship towards it. Small everyday actions such as recycling (P.S. take my survey about why people recycle here: ) can prove to have a domino affect of greener actions on everyone around you.




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